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What is Workers’ Comp Insurance?

Workers’ Comp insurance protects employees and employers from accidents that occur in the workplace. While employers are legally obligated to provide safe workplaces, accidents still happen. When they do, Workers’ Compensation insurance covers employee’s medical bills, and can extend to lost wages and legal expenses associated with the specific case. Workers’ Comp also protects you from being sued by employees that are injured while working.
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All the right reasons to get Workers’ Comp from Hourly

1. Work with a trusted advisor who has your best interest in mind
2. We will shop for you and get you the best deal
3. Pay as you go, so you can predict cash flow
4. No guesswork or estimates, pay your premimun accuratly to the penny.
5. Premium payments are automatic, so you’ll never miss a deadline.

More to love

Quick online enrollment

Apply online in minutes with just a few clicks.

Pay-as-you-go payments

We withdraw exactly the correct amount for each pay period. Unlike with other providers, you’ll never have to make a deposit.

Prevent audit bills

By integrating workers’ comp with Hourly, you’re more likely to avoid data errors and costly audits.

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Premium payments accurate to the penny

Unlike traditional billing, where your premium is based on an estimated annual payroll, our Pay As You Go feature systematically calculates your premium using real-time payroll data as your employees track their time. This gives you oversight on your key business expenses down to the penny.

Real-Time premium calculations

Hassle-free payroll integration that allows workers' compensation insurance to be automatically deducted in real-time, so you always have insight into your key business expenses. We combine payroll into one bill with exact premium costs to minimize audits that can be costly to your business.

Key benefits with Hourly

Lower Rates
Many of our customers save $10K or more each year. By combining technology and efficiency, Hourly saves you thousands in premiums while freeing you of tedious manual calculations.
Easy Onboarding
With Hourly, managing workers' comp is a breeze. Our seamless application process is quick and easy. In no time, you will have the workers' compensation coverage that's perfect for your business.
Improve your cash flow
Stop guesstimating. Hourly calculates your workers' comp premiums in real-time. You receive accurate calculations down to the penny so you can make more informed business decisions.
Increase job costing accuracy
Experience the confidence that comes with knowing your insurance premiums accurately reflect your most current payroll amount, minimizing unexpected year-end insurance adjustments.