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Automatic Tax Filing
Automatic Tax Filing
Federal and State taxes paid and filed automatically. Guaranteed.
Unlimited Pay Runs
Unlimited Pay Runs
Pay employees as often as you like for no extra charge.
Timecards Sync
Timecards Sync
Your Hourly timecards will automatically sync with payroll.
Mobile onboarding
Mobile onboarding
Your hiring process is about to get way easier with the Hourly payroll app.
Hourly payroll run
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Boost productivity and save hours every payday

Hourly brings together time tracking and payroll, making payday simpler than ever.
Tap one button and everybody gets paid—employees and contractors.
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Employees and Contractors

With Hourly you can pay employees and independent contractors. At the end of the year we will issue W-2 and 1099 forms to your team for you.
Hourly employees app
Hourly profile app
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Go Paperless

Employees can fill out tax forms, view paystubs and edit their personal details from their phone.
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We make switching a breeze

Our team of friendly payroll experts make sure that your transition to better payroll is smooth and easy. The best time to switch to Hourly is now.
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Payroll Features

New hire reporting
Hourly reports new hires to the government for you.
Employee self-enrollment
Employees can enter and edit their personal info from their mobile app.
Paystubs and W-2 Online
Employees can view their paystubs and W-2 from their mobile app.
Automatic Payroll Taxes
Hourly automatically calculates, files and pays all your payroll taxes.
Direct Deposit
Direct Deposit, Paper checks or Prepaid Card. Pay your employee the way they want.
Choose Your Pay Schedule
You set the schedule: weekly, monthly, bi-weekly or twice per month.
Detailed Payroll Reports
Detailed reports for job costing, taxes, bank reconciliation, time off and more.
Multiple Pay Rates
Pay employees who wear multiple hats different rates based on the work they performed.
Time Off Requests
Employees can request vacation and sick time that you can easily approve and track.
Hourly and Salary
Hourly supports hourly and salary employees.
Vacation and Sick days
Set your time off policies and stay in compliance with Hourly.
Expense reimbursement allows employees to submit expenses on the go.
Hourly calculates and handles garnishments automatically.
Use our full featured app to access and update your account anytime, anywhere.
Online W-4s
Your employees fill out and sign their W-4 from their phone.

Payroll Pricing

Monthly Base
Each Employee
Monthly Cost